Disinfection suit

Disinfection suit

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The suit is made of the latest unique material: Ukovex UHD ®

Unique material properties:

- ultra-high resistance to corrosive chemicals and biologicals

- is subject to repeated disinfection (at least 200 cycles)

- withstands chlorine disinfection

- to be cleaned even at a temperature of + 130 ° C

- the possibility of development on the surface of fungi and bacteria is excluded

- suitable for use at temperatures up to minus 60 ° C


- Material - lightweight, durable, durable

- clothes do not lose their appearance

- the seams remain tight

- the material does not "harden" at low temperatures and does not shackle movements

- Material and clothing retain all their protective properties

- does not contain substances banned for use in the food industry

- the material has thermal insulation properties

Features of the suit:

The suit consists of a straight cut jacket with a hood and trousers on an elastic band. The suit has a special anatomical cut that takes into account the amplitude of the employee's movements - to make the movements easy and not to interfere with clothing details.

The jacket is fitted with a two-way YKK zipper and two windproof straps on it, to completely prevent liquid from entering the middle of the suit.

The bottom of the trousers has a width adjustment on the buttons or on the rubber band with the latch.

Certified for compliance with current European standards: EN 20343, DSTU EN 13034: 2007

Manufacturer's warranty - 3 months for operation and 12 months for storage.

Areas of use: poultry farms, meat-packing plants, animal breeding farms, slaughterhouses, fish-processing enterprises, medical establishments and other industrial enterprises
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