Trailed sprayer TITAN-3000-24

Trailed sprayer TITAN-3000-24

Artikelnr. Trailed sprayer TITAN-3000-24
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The use of this model sprayer allows to provide for effective

treatment of plants with the help of means for protection.

• First of all it should be focused on the efficient

production of this model. It is promoted by the substantial

own stock of working solution (sprayer’s tank has a capacity

of 3000 liters), solid width (boom length is 24 meters), the

ability to treatment at higher speeds.

• Installation height of the boom can be easily adjusted

even without stopping the movement of the unit, due to a

special parallelogram suspension with two hydraulic


• If the boom hits an obstacle, the defence mechanism

admits to the deviation of the extreme sections in the horizontal and vertical planes.


Boom, m 24

Tank capacity, l 3000

Pump (Annovi Reverberi), l/min 185

Dimension-type of tyres 9.5R42

Track width, mm 1550-2100

Clearance, mm 650

Working height of the boom, m 0,7-2,3

Cardan shaft T4

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