Unicorn Smile Baby Backpack

Unicorn Smile Baby Backpack

Artikelnr. Дитячий рюкзак Unicorn Smile
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The Unicorn Smile yellow  backpack is a long-awaited gift for your baby.


  ▪️The main feature of this backpack is the ability to independently change its appearance.


  ▪️The outer side of the product is decorated with a two-sided application that can be flipped over with a new image.


  ▪️ Carabiner straps will emphasize the uniqueness of the backpack and add variety.


  ▪️The shoulder straps are easily adjustable to the height of the baby.


  ▪️The backpack is easily closed by tightening the cord.


  ▪️Inside - one large compartment and a pocket for small items.


  Unicorn Smile is not just a gift, but a whole selection with beautiful and useful accessories.  In the middle of the backpack you will find nice additions in the form of a wallet and housekeeper toys.




  velor (cotton - 8%, polyester - 92%), synthetic non-woven filler.


  ✔️Sizes of products:


  backpack W 36 cm / H 46 cm

  wallet W 10 cm / H 10 cm

  housekeeper W 8 cm / H 10 cm

  pencil case W 16 cm / H 3 cm / L 25 

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