About Us

What is ‘’?

The Marketplace instantly interconnecting Ukrainian Producers with Buyers from all over the world

What is our goal?

Enhancing Ukraine’s reputation in the global market as a country supplying high-quality goods and services

What is our mission?

Getting Ukrainian Producers and Buyers from all over the world closer to each other, removing all obstacles for their interaction, insuring safety and convenience of their cooperation

Who may need ‘’?

  • Ukrainian Producers of goods and services able to compete in the global market
  • Buyers from all over the world to be able to safely and comfortably acquire goods or service ex Ukrainian Producer

What does Producer benefit from cooperation with ‘’?

  • Promotion of the Producer, as well as his goods and services to the global market
  • Buyers from all over the world interested in high-quality goods and services
  • Legal and logistic assistance

What does Buyer benefit from cooperation with ‘’?

  • Largest catalogue of Ukrainian Producers, their goods and services
  • Possibility to make purchase safely and comfortably
  • Legal and logistic assistance

How does ‘’ work?

  1. Producer gets registered at ‘’ marketplace
  2. Producer displays information about his goods and services
  3. finds interested Buyer globally
  4. In case of necessity provides legal and logistic service

How much does it cost?

  • Buyer defrays just the cost of goods or service plus logistic expenses
  • Buyers display the information at free of charge for the first year as of registration
  • Upon expiry of the first year of display at ‘’ marketplace Producer will (upon agreement) either pay a set display fee, or commission percent for the value of goods or services sold through the marketplace
  • Any other extra services as per Producer’s or Buyer’s wish will be paid for separately and according to agreement