Archival stationery cabinet ShMR-20

Archival stationery cabinet ShMR-20

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The office cabinet ShMR-20 is designed for storing large volumes of documentation, official and business information, and material assets. Office cabinets are considered repositories of documentation, of which each company accumulates a fairly large amount over a long period of work. Archival office cabinets are convenient because you can systematize and group different folders and individual documents in them, in a way that will be more convenient for work. At the same time, office furniture has a very large capacity, which allows you to use one cabinet for an entire department. Using office cabinets, you can significantly increase the productivity of working with documents, because searching and sorting the necessary files takes much less time. These versatile cabinets are designed to provide maximum storage capacity while saving space. The cabinets are equipped with height-adjustable shelves. Office cabinets are made from high-quality sheet steel. During assembly, only reliable fittings and components are used. The metal office cabinet has high performance characteristics and a long service life. Office cabinet doors can be metal or glass, equipped with locks with a deadbolt locking system (EURO LOCK, Germany). Stationery cabinets are reliable and easy to use. The cabinets are painted with light gray powder paint (RAL 7035); cabinets painted to match the color of wood can also be ordered. This color gives the cabinet a strict, universal design that will go well with other interior elements. The cabinet can be supplied either assembled or disassembled. The cost of assembly services is not included in the price. Cabinet ShMR-20 pack (place No. 1) Total weight 51.9 1845 x 500 x 92 cardboard box Cabinet ShMR-20 pack (place No. 2) 825 x 500 x 85 cardboard box
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article 50505251-S00070
Brand 1563|1559|1557
Depth (mm) 500
Height (mm) 1800
Item type 1740
Manufacturer 2129
Manufacturer 2129
Model ШМР-20
Number of shelves (pcs.) 1708
Pack Type 2354
Product color 1582
Weight, kg 49.15
Width (mm) 800
Вага, кг 49.15
Вид товара при отгрузке 2164
Вид товару при відвантаженні 2164
Висота (мм) 1800
Глибина (мм) 500
Кількість виборців 526
Кількість місць в розібраному вигляді 2
Кількість полиць (шт.) 1708
Колір виробу 1582
Количество мест в разобранном виде 2
Количество проголосовавших 526
Распределенная нагрузка на полку, кг 45
Рейтинг 4.79
Розподілене навантаження на поличку, кг 45
Сума оцінок 2538
Сумма оценок 2538
Тип замка (механіка, електроніка, інше) 2195
Тип замка(механика, электроника, прочее) 2195
Тип товару 1740
Хіт продажу 1610
Хит продаж 1610

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