Computer desk SK-12

Computer desk SK-12

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Computer desk SK-12 organizes a workplace for convenient use of the computer. Often there is a problem with a large number of wires and lack of free space in the office, so they buy computer desks. Most models are bulky and unreliable because they are made of wood. This material tends to wear out and requires frequent maintenance. The UHL-MASH company recommends a computer desk among the range of office furniture in Kyiv and other regions, which is much more reliable. Important features and advantages The main difference between a computer desk and its analogues is the use of metal. The frame is made of square pipe, which forms a rectangular base. High structural strength ensures resistance to deformation even during long-term use. The frame is connected by a jumper to increase the reliability of the table. The working surface consists of a 25 mm thick chipboard table top. It is covered with a protective layer that is resistant to scratches and abrasions, and is also easy to clean from dirt. Features of the SK-12 model: Cable outlet is provided in the tabletop. It protects cables from bending and damage, and allows you to install the table close to the wall. The base has footrests that prevent metal supports from leaving marks on the floor. When moving the table, the soft coating is not scratched. The cable holder helps keep the wires from getting tangled (a common problem for PC owners). The shielded outlet block controls the power supply. There is no need to place the table next to the sockets; they are already attached to the jumper. To increase the protective properties of a computer desk and improve its appearance, polymer powder paint is used. It has anti-corrosion properties and prevents premature wear. There are no allergens or toxins in the composition, the paint does not produce dangerous fumes. Light gray and smoky colors from the RAL palette were used for painting. It is possible to additionally equip it with a stand for the system unit (rollable or attached model). UHL-MASH offers a computer desk SK-12 for installation in offices and private properties. The products are of high quality, presentable appearance and affordable price.
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article 1 479 151
Brand 1563|1559|1557
Depth (mm) 680
Height (mm) 775
Item type 1740
Manufacturer 2129
Manufacturer 2129
Model СК-12
New 1654
Pack Type 1765
Product color 1601
Width (mm) 1200
Висота (мм) 775
Глибина (мм) 680
Кількість виборців 12
Колір виробу 1601
Колір каркасу 2191
Количество проголосовавших 12
Рейтинг 3.6
Сума оцінок 48
Сумма оценок 48
Тип товару 1740
Хіт продажу 1610
Хит продаж 1610
Цвет каркаса 2191

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