Cover PMB-12x8

Cover PMB-12x8

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PMB-12x8 lid is suitable for container pallets presented on the website. Industrial products are used in the construction, manufacturing, and automotive industries. They are characterized by practical operation and meet most warehouse requirements. The tight cover makes it possible to install the container in yards, regardless of weather conditions. The products in the tank are reliably protected from moisture and dust. Thanks to the lid, safe transportation of both whole and loose goods is possible. Advantageous features of the product The cover for pallets of the PMB model is a solid metal sheet of rectangular shape. The edges are reinforced with a steel side. They repeat the parameters of the container (1200x800 mm). The design has increased strength. Due to this, it can withstand high loads and fits tightly to the surface of the tank. During the production process, the product is subject to quality control and meets the high standards and norms of the company. The cover PMB-12-8 is characterized by reliable design: the use of practical materials; proper fastening of metal handles; performing anti-corrosion treatment by means of; implementation of uniform powder coating. Covers for industrial pallets are resistant to frequent loads and temperature changes. They are not susceptible to deformation for a long time, which helps to avoid premature wear. This makes PMB-12-8 covers from UHL-MASH a reliable purchase. Order warehouse lids made in Ukraine. We offer reliable and practical warehouse furniture.
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Brand 1565
Depth (mm) 800
Model ПМБ-12х8
Width (mm) 1200
Глибина (мм) 800
Кількість виборців 10
Количество проголосовавших 10
Навантаження динамічне, кг 1000
Навантаження статичне, кг 3000
Нагрузка динамическая, кг 1000
Нагрузка статическая, кг 3000
Рейтинг 5
Сума оцінок 50
Сумма оценок 50

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