Essential oils in capsules №30 280 mg

Essential oils in capsules №30 280 mg

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Bouquet of Indian plants for healthy and clean breathing. 30 capsules of 280 mg. In blisters of 10 green transparent bottle-like capsules. Each soft gelatin capsule of essential oil in capsules contains: Menthol - 60 mg (from long-leaf mint oil (lat. Mentha longifolia). Camphor tree - 35 mg (camphor from camphor laurel leaves (lat. Cinnamomum camphora). Thymol - 10 mg (oil from seeds of Indian cumin, ajgon (lat. Trachysp? Rmum? Mmi). Eucalyptus spherical - 30 mg (oil from eucalyptus leaves (lat. Eucalyptus globulus). Terpeneol - 130 mg (oil of the Himalayan long-coniferous pine of Roxburg. Description and indications Essential oils that are part of the capsules of TM "Ecobars" have a pleasant odor and have long been known for their preventive properties, endowed by nature with disinfectant and antiseptic properties. The content of essential oil in capsules of TM "Ecobars" can be used: to facilitate breathing in diseases of the upper respiratory tract; to eliminate the symptoms associated with colds and seasonal coughs. The components of Ecobars TM capsules have disinfectant and antiseptic effects, help clean the broncho-pulmonary system. Healing pairs of essential oils of eucalyptus and Himalayan pine, contained in the capsules, promote the activation of metabolic processes in tissues, which leads to a significant improvement in regeneration processes. Thymol, extracted from the essential oil of fragrant ajgon, has a strong antiseptic activity, helps fight germs and infections. Mint and camphor laurel have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, tonic and anesthetic properties. The method of application of essential oil in capsules TM "Ecobars" Aromas capsules TM "Ecobars", getting on the reflexogenic points of the nose, massaging them with the smell of impulses, is projected on certain areas of the brain, while directly affecting the respiratory system, thereby eliminating stagnation and inflammatory reactions - so it is better to use them in inhalation. Cold inhalations: inhale the aroma of a cloth napkin or pillow after applying the contents of the capsule. Breathing should be even and deep. Inhalation time 3-10 minutes. It is desirable to close your eyes. The most effective inhalations using a Mahold inhaler. When using inhalers, use the instructions for use of these inhalers. Release of the essential oil content in Ecobars TM capsules: carefully cut off the capsule tail, directing it downwards. Apply a small part of the contents of the capsule on a pillow or handkerchief. One capsule - one use.
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