Fire cabinet ShP-2

Fire cabinet ShP-2

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To order from 10 pieces. Fire cabinet ShP-2 - optimization of storage of fire-fighting equipment Fire cabinet ShP-2 from the UHL-MASH company is designed for placement and storage of fire-fighting equipment. The presence of a fire cabinet is a prerequisite for fire safety in residential premises, industrial buildings, facilities and other crowded places. The ShP-2 fire shield contains a full set of protective equipment. It ensures their optimal location while complying with safety standards. The product is certified and meets quality requirements. You can order the ShP-2 fire cabinet on the manufacturer’s website. General information and characteristics of the cabinets The structure of the fire shield is made of steel. The case is resistant to moderate mechanical damage, has strength and shock resistance. The surface of the cabinet is coated with red RAL polymer powder paint. The bright color helps to identify the shield in case of a fire hazard. The high quality of the coating preserves the original appearance of the product for a long time. The cabinet is mounted with the back wall on a flat vertical surface. There are mounting holes for this purpose. Optimal operating conditions: air temperature from +5 to +45 ᵒС, and humidity up to 95%. If operating standards are observed, the service life of the equipment is at least 10 years. The fire shield is designed to store a large amount of fire extinguishing agents. The cabinet doors are equipped with viewing windows (4 pcs.) for easy viewing. Place your order for the ShP-2 fire cabinet on the UHL-MASH website and receive detailed advice about the product and delivery. The possibility of personal changes to the product is previously discussed with the company manager.
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article 31 526
availability 1637
Brand 1563|1559|1557
Depth (mm) 280
Height (mm) 2000
Item type 1740
Manufacturer 2129
Manufacturer 2129
New 1626
Product color 1570
Width (mm) 800
Висота (мм) 2000
Глибина (мм) 280
Кількість виборців 17
Колір виробу 1570
Количество проголосовавших 17
Наявність 1637
Рейтинг 4.7
Сума оцінок 80
Сумма оценок 80
Тип товару 1740
Хіт продажу 1610
Хит продаж 1610

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