Industrial chair SVK (substitute leather)

Industrial chair SVK (substitute leather)

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An industrial stool will help you fully equip work areas in production while saving space. Instead of the usual four legs, the structures provide stability with durable anti-slip supports, which take up much less space. The seat is round and rotates around its axis, thanks to which the worker can easily turn in the desired direction and, for example, remove the necessary tool or material from the cabinet, remove it from the shelf, and so on. To do this, he will not need to move, turn around the stool or get up from his seat. Since the height of work tables can be varied and also depends on the specifics of the work, the industrial stool has a pneumatic seat adjustment mechanism, the stroke is 120 mm. The frame of the product is metal, painted with polymer powder coating in black. The basis of the seat was a sheet of plywood, which was upholstered with a high-quality leather substitute. To make sitting on an industrial stool more comfortable, a foam filler is placed under the upholstery. The soft back provides additional comfort. All materials that are used in the manufacture of an industrial stool are resistant to the negative effects of the external environment. Therefore, the products are suitable for installation in rooms with high air humidity, where temperature changes are possible. The stool is also immune to shock or mechanical damage. Stains are easily removed from the surface of the product, it does not require special care conditions, and also retains its attractive appearance for a long time. An industrial stool will provide comfortable working conditions for workers in workshops, plants, factories, retail outlets and other premises. The design is so versatile and popular that the list of enterprises where it can be useful can be continued endlessly. The UHL-MASH company offers to purchase an industrial stool of its own production. The stool, unpretentious to the external environment, will not require repair or replacement for many years. Thanks to its neat, universal appearance, the product harmonizes perfectly with various interiors.
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article 1 481 763
Brand 1563|1559|1557
Item type 1740
Manufacturer 2129
Manufacturer 2129
Model Стул СВК (кож.зам)
Product color 1588
Weight, kg 6,7
Вага, кг 6,7
Висота підйому, мм 430-570
Высота подъема, мм 430-570
Колір виробу 1588
Тип товару 1740

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