Metal wall-mounted key holder K-30

Metal wall-mounted key holder K-30

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Key holders are sold without key fobs. They are not included in the standard package and must be purchased separately. In hospitals and clinics, at the end of the working day, offices are locked. This prevents theft of equipment and data. The use of wall-mounted key holders optimizes the process of storing and issuing keys without taking up much space in the room. Advantages of wall-mounted key holders A key holder is a metal cabinet used to organize and store keys. The structures are usually installed in shift rooms of companies, residential buildings, dormitories and at hotel receptions. Steel is used to make the key holder, which helps the body and door withstand mechanical damage and shocks. The use of steel reduces the likelihood of the structure being broken into to steal keys. Metal hooks are built inside the key holder, which increases the service life of the cabinet. The door does not make squeaking or other unpleasant sounds when in use. The cabinet is equipped with a lock, which further helps limit unauthorized persons' access to the keys. The design is resistant to thermal effects. To optimize systematization, you can additionally purchase plastic key rings. The dimensions of the structure help to economically manage free space. The appearance of the cabinet allows it to be installed without causing damage to the existing interior. UHL-MASH offers to purchase a wall-mounted key holder for 30 keys at an affordable price. The plant's products are presented for review on the pages of the catalog. There is an exhibition hall in Kyiv. All products have a warranty period from the manufacturer. Products are tested for quality and compliance with regulatory requirements. To place an order, please contact an employee by phone or leave a request on the website.
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article 59505000-S00018
Brand 1563|1559|1557
Item type 1739
Manufacturer 2129
Manufacturer 2129
Model К-30
New 1626
Pack Type 1764
Product color 1582
Вага брутто, кг 2
Вес брутто, кг 2
Кількість виборців 13
Колір виробу 1582
Количество проголосовавших 13
Рейтинг 3.58
Сума оцінок 51
Сумма оценок 51
Тип замка (механіка, електроніка, інше) 2195
Тип замка(механика, электроника, прочее) 2195
Тип товару 1739
Хіт продажу 1610
Хит продаж 1610

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