Modular drawer 300 (H×W×D)58×110×122

Modular drawer 300 (H×W×D)58×110×122

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If there is no product in stock, the product will be delivered from 30 to 60 k.d. Parts, spare parts and small tools need a special place for storage. Careless storage of equipment leads to friction, which leads to a decrease in service life. The solution in this situation is to use plastic organizers. The designs help optimize the storage of parts without taking up much space. Features of Modular Drawers A modular drawer is a rectangular design used for storing and sorting a large number of small parts. The body is made of polypropylene with increased strength. The material complies with environmental and hygienic standards. Plastic does not react with chemically active substances, does not emit fumes, and does not harm the environment or human health. The color of the case does not lose saturation during operation and does not fade under the influence of sunlight. The design consists of 4 drawers made of transparent polystyrene. The front part is equipped with a place for an identification sticker, which improves storage and sorting conditions. Plastic boxes can be used at ambient temperatures in the range of -20 +60°C. If necessary, the structures can be interconnected to form sets or modules. The dimensions of the plastic box allow you to economically manage free space. UHL-MASH offers to purchase a modular drawer at an affordable price. All products have a warranty period from the manufacturer. Products are tested for quality and compliance with regulatory requirements. On the pages of the catalog you can familiarize yourself with the plant's products. There is an exhibition hall in Kyiv. To place an order, please contact an employee by phone or leave a request on the website.
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article 62505050-P00068
Brand 1563|1559|1557
Case material Полипропилен
Depth (mm) 122
Height (mm) 58
Item type 1739
Manufacturer 2134
Manufacturer 2134
Model 300
New 1654
Number of cells (pcs.) 4
Promotion 1621
Volume, l 0.13
Weight, kg 0.19
Width (mm) 110
Акція 1621
Вага, кг 0.19
Висота (мм) 58
Внутрішні розміри висувного прозорого ящика В×Ш×Г, мм 24×46×117
Внутренние размеры выдвижного ящика В×Ш×Г, мм 24×46×117
Глибина (мм) 122
Кількість виборців 10
Кількість чарунок (шт.) 4
Количество проголосовавших 10
Матеріал висувних прозорих ящиків Полістирол
Матеріал корпусу Поліпропілен
Материал выдвижных ящиков Полистирол
Об'єм, л 0.13
Поміщається в картонний ящик, шт 32
Помещается в картонный ящик, шт 32
Рейтинг 5
Сума оцінок 50
Сумма оценок 50
Температура експлуатаціїї, °С -20+60°С
Температура эксплуатации, °С -20+60°С
Тип товару 1739
Товщина рамки в таблицях 2269
Толщина рамки в таблицах 2269
Хіт продажу 1610
Хит продаж 1610

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