Restoring geometry of crankshafts to drawing dimensions

Restoring geometry of crankshafts to drawing dimensions

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Our main occupation is repairing and restoring crankshafts of diesel locomotives of all classes, marine diesel generators, large internal combustion engines to drawing dimensions. Our self-developed technology of arc spraying using powder materials enables us to repair and restore geometry of any crankshaft of any locomotive with up to 4 years of international warranty.  

We have developed our own technology of electric arc spraying using powder materials. The formula of powder materials is our know-how and is patent-protected. This technology is used in combination with our technology of restoring geometry of crankshaft and guarantee significant results in complete update of the operating characteristics, as well as, improvement of crankshaft’s functional characteristics.  

An option to restore crankshaft to drawing dimensions brings it to condition of new ones while being 3-4 times cheaper than buing a new crankshaft.  

Crankshafts that have been restored have 57-62 HRC hardness level while new crankshafts have only 42-48 HRC. Сoefficient of friction is also reduced (up to 70%).  

We give up to 4 years or 350 00 km of international warranty.

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