Screw chair with backrest SVS

Screw chair with backrest SVS

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The screw chair with a backrest SVS is a product that is popular in various medical institutions due to its convenience and practicality. The screw chair is comfortable for long-term sitting work, thanks to the soft seat and back. Due to its stability, the construct is useful during prolonged research and manipulation. For example, screw medical chairs can often be seen in a laboratory, ENT office, dentist office, manipulation room, and so on. What makes a medical chair practical is its universal, neat appearance, as well as its small size, which allows medical staff to create comfortable working conditions while saving space in the room. Also adding practicality to the design is a mechanism that allows the seat to rotate around its axis. The seat and back of the chair are upholstered in high-quality leatherette. The buyer can choose its color independently. It is noteworthy that this material is easy to wash, so dirt can be easily removed from the surface of the chair. Also, the seat and back of the product can be treated with disinfectants. The frame of the medical screw chair is made of steel and has three metal supports. Plastic caps are placed at the ends of the supports to prevent the metal from damaging the floor surface. Thanks to the running thread on the seat rod, as well as the vertical post of the chair, the product is able to rotate around its axis, and its height can be adjusted. The maximum height to which the seat can be raised is 600 mm, and the minimum is 460 mm. The screw medical chair looks simple, but at the same time attractive, leaving a pleasant impression on visitors to the institution. Proven materials were used in production in order to achieve high wear resistance of the product. As a result, a medical screw chair can be used for decades, while maintaining its unfading appearance. An additional advantage of the product is its resistance to corrosion damage, mechanical damage, high air humidity, and temperature changes.
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article 62035040-P00006
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Сумма оценок 1213
Тип товару 1740
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