Set of pliers 4 pcs. (in the lodgment)

Set of pliers 4 pcs. (in the lodgment)

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Quantity – 4 units. Dimensions: pliers and side cutters - 7", long-nose pliers - 8" The cradle is a plastic panel with recesses that is used for storing and transporting tools. In the manufacture of the structure, ABS plastic is used with increased resistance to mechanical damage. Using a design helps organize the workplace. The cradle prevents tool friction. Keeping tools clean and organized helps organize your workspace. Fixation in the recesses reduces the possibility of the tool falling out and being lost. Plastic does not react with chemically aggressive substances and is not exposed to moisture. The design can withstand elevated temperatures without damage. ABS plastic does not pose a threat to the environment and human health. The plastic panel prevents contamination and subsequent oxidation of metal surfaces. The dimensions of the tray help to carefully manage the free space in the car, garage or workshop. The UHL-MASH company offers to purchase a set of pliers in a holder at an affordable price. All products have a manufacturer's warranty period. Products are tested for quality and compliance with regulatory requirements. You can view the products on the catalog pages. To place an order, please contact an employee by phone or leave a request on the website.
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