Shoe drying rack SSV-24

Shoe drying rack SSV-24

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SSV-24 shoe drying racks are installed in locker rooms, industrial facilities, sports complexes and emergency response services. They help keep shoes in good condition by eliminating excess moisture. This increases the efficiency of staff, because things will be ready for further use. We offer reliable shoe drying racks SSV-24 at manufacturer's price. Design of a drying rack for shoes The equipment includes a rectangular control unit, to which a frame of eight interconnected square pipes is attached. The structural elements are fastened by welding and additionally reinforced with bolts. The SSV-24 shoe drying rack undergoes pre-treatment and is then powder coated. This approach increases the metal’s resistance to corrosion. Thanks to this, the equipment is less susceptible to wear and tear and can be placed in rooms with an unfavorable microclimate. The product makes optimal use of room space. Advantages of a shoe dryer: the design is resistant to moderate mechanical loads; an electric heater directs hot air inside the shoes; thanks to its thoughtful dimensions, the stand is installed against the wall and does not block the space; operates from a 220 V network, has an automatic shutdown function and LED indicators. During operation, the shoe drying rack SSV-24 dries evenly and does not damage the material. To dry, simply place the shoes on a hook-shaped pipe and begin the drying process. Order professional shoe drying racks SSV-24 on the manufacturer’s website. The UHL-MASH company guarantees the quality and timely delivery of products.
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Brand 1563|1559|1557
Depth (mm) 455
Height (mm) 2090
Item type 1740
Manufacturer 2129
Manufacturer 2129
Model ССВ-24
Width (mm) 1220
Акционное предложение 2302
Висота (мм) 2090
Глибина (мм) 455
Тип товару 1740

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