Single-sided plastic shelving 515-25

Single-sided plastic shelving 515-25

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Every company faces the problem of storing and sorting small parts. You can solve this issue by purchasing a plastic shelving unit. It will allow you to organize your tools without taking up a lot of space. This design can be installed anywhere: a store, a car service, a storage room, a garage. A plastic shelving system provides workplace organization at a reasonable price. Features of a plastic rack Racks allow you to sort parts, tools and other small products. This saves time searching for the necessary spare parts and increases their service life. Model 515-25 is a one-sided rack with five rows, five cells each. This allows you to place it under the wall, which is convenient when organizing a workplace in a small area. The blue shade works well in a variety of spaces without being distracting. The color does not wear off or fade when exposed to sunlight. The rack is made of plastic – polypropylene. This is an environmentally friendly material because it does not emit harmful substances. It also does not react with household chemicals, which makes cleaning and maintaining the structure easier. Plastic is easy to clean due to the absence of grooves and surface roughness. Polypropylene can withstand heavy loads with less wear and tear than other materials. It does not corrode and does not lose its properties over time, unlike wood or metal. The cells of the structure are connected by separators. This approach increases strength and possible loads. The plastic is lightweight, so the rack is easy to move when necessary. UHL-MASH offers high-quality plastic shelving at affordable prices. You can purchase goods on the website pages, or by contacting the company’s employees. The set includes: Container RA 515 - 25 pcs; connectors - 80 pcs.
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Brand 1563|1559|1557
Depth (mm) 402
Height (mm) 950
Item type 1740
Model 515-25
Width (mm) 1265
Висота (мм) 950
Глибина (мм) 402
Кількість виборців 10
Количество проголосовавших 10
Рейтинг 5
Сума оцінок 50
Сумма оценок 50
Тип товару 1740

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