Socket block 19 inches, 8 connections with switch

Socket block 19 inches, 8 connections with switch

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19-inch 8-pin socket block with switch used to power telecommunications equipment. Regardless of the size of the company, when using network devices, it is necessary to correctly create the conditions for their operation. Because server rooms, computers, phones and other devices consume energy, the outlet block simultaneously connects up to eight devices to one power source. This optimizes company resources and also makes work safer. What We Offer Unlike most adapters, the outlet block measures 19 inches, which is suitable for mounting on server racks and cabinets. Special holes are provided for this. The body of the product is made of high quality plastic, which is not damaged under moderate force. There are 8 sockets on the front panel; they securely hold the cables, protecting them from accidental pulling out. To connect to the network, a 1.8 meter long cable is used, which is convenient if the power source is located at a distance. The black cord is durable and flexible, and is wear-resistant. There is also a version without cable. The socket block is a universal solution for connecting any type of device. An important feature of the socket block is the presence of a switch. The bright red light of the button indicates that the power is on and is clearly visible even in a well-lit room. It is convenient to use to safely turn off devices. Since there is no need to remove plugs from sockets, wear activity is reduced - the equipment will last much longer. Purchasing a 19-inch socket module will ensure coordinated operation of up to eight devices when connected simultaneously. The UHL-MASH company recommends using them when equipping a server room, because it requires reliable working conditions.
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article 403-202-877
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Manufacturer 2129
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