Stationary chair SD

Stationary chair SD

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Are you looking for comfortable and practical furniture for medical facilities? A reliable solution is a stationary chair model SD. It features a durable metal construction. Suitable for use in offices, wards, and manipulation departments of the clinic. The chair has a well-thought-out shape, which has a positive effect on the health of the employee during sedentary work. Let's look at the characteristics of a medical chair. Key features of a stationary product Hospital chairs are made from safe materials. The body of the product is formed from a square metal pipe. There are four legs at the base. The supports are installed on rubberized thrust bearings. They provide stability to the furniture and protect the floor from scratches. The back and seat of the product are made of plywood. For greater convenience, they are upholstered with foam rubber and environmentally friendly leatherette. The chair is easy to clean: to clean it, just wipe the surface with a damp sponge. The stationary chair SD has the following properties: resistance to mechanical and chemical influences (accidental impacts, liquids); durable metal frame that can support an adult; long service life in conditions of intensive use of furniture; thoughtful shape, comfortable for sitting and spinal health. A series of chairs with a backrest is distinguished by its practical design. The body is formed by welding. Thanks to the production technology, the product does not wear out quickly. Metal elements are pre-phosphated and powder coated. The treatment protects the surface from direct contact with substances. Such furniture can be used in rooms with high humidity. It does not corrode. You can purchase a reliable stationary SD chair on the UHL-MASH website. The product meets sanitary and epidemiological standards and is available at an affordable price. Contact the company manager to find out more about the product and order delivery of a stationary chair.
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