Universal three-piece ladder 7610, 10st.

Universal three-piece ladder 7610, 10st.

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Due to the unstable dollar exchange rate, please check with the manager for prices. Work at heights is in demand in private households, enterprises, and construction sites. To get to hard-to-reach places with ease and safety, it is important to use reliable equipment. The UHL-MASH company website presents a universal three-piece staircase 7610 with 10 steps. The product has a foldable design and lifting weight. The design is easy to transport and practical to use. Advantages of a ladder Climbing to heights requires durable auxiliary tools. The universal three-piece ladder 7610 with 10 steps meets strict safety requirements. Rugged design withstands intense use and moderate load capacity up to 150 kg. The supports and traverses are made of aluminum. The moving part is mounted on telescopic guides. For additional fixation, restrictive straps and stabilizers are provided. The component elements are attached with hinges. The jumpers are connected by flaring in the form of grooves or rivets. This mechanism allows you to use the product for the required tasks. The ladder is distinguished by a well-thought-out design: the three-part tool is characterized by a lifting weight of 16 kg; the steps have grooves that prevent slipping; the base is reinforced with a “shoe” support structure; The height of the folding product reaches 6260 mm. The collapsible ladder consists of three sections with 10 steps each. The equipment is made of aluminum. The material does not corrode, so the product is used outdoors and in damp environments. The ladder is convenient and practical to use and does not take up much space. The product is stable, and thanks to its reliable assembly and high-quality fittings, it is not subject to loosening. You can get acquainted with the characteristics of the stairs and choose the appropriate model on the UHL-MASH website.
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availability 1637
Brand 1563|1559|1557
Country of manufacture Словакия
Item type 1740
Length (mm) 2860
Manufacturer 2133
Manufacturer 2133
Manufacturer's country Словакия
Weight, kg 16
Вага, кг 16
Висота секцій (мм) 2860/6260
Высота секций (мм) 2860/6260
Довжина (мм) 2860
Кількість виборців 10
Кількість секцій/ступенів 3 х 10
Количество проголосовавших 10
Количество секций/ступеней 3 х 10
Наявність 1637
Рейтинг 5
Сума оцінок 50
Сумма оценок 50
Тип товару 1740
Ширина секції драбини, мм 340/400/450
Ширина секции лестницы, мм 340/400/450

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