Wardrobe with acrylic doors SHO-400/2-8A

Wardrobe with acrylic doors SHO-400/2-8A

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Cellular cabinets are recommended for installation in shops and supermarkets, offices and educational institutions. This is an indispensable attribute of locker rooms in gyms and swimming pools. When visiting such places, it is not always convenient to take things with you, so they are left in storage cabinets SHO-400/2-8A. There is enough space inside the storage rooms to leave a bag or bag with things. Let's consider the advantages of cellular cabinets ШО-400/2-8А. Features of a cabinet with acrylic doors Storage chambers are a steel structure inside which visitors' belongings are placed. This increases customer loyalty because they don’t have to carry heavy bags with them. Since the company is not responsible for the safety of the contents of the cells, you should choose high-quality furniture. SHO-400/2-8A cabinets are made of durable steel, which increases the reliability of the products. This helps withstand heavy loads as well as accidental impacts. For greater reliability, the cabinet surfaces are phosphated and then powder coated. They are also required in changing rooms of gyms and swimming pools. The cabinet is delivered assembled. Advantages of cell cabinets: seams and corners are securely cleaned, do not have nicks or sharp edges; the option of locking with a code, padlock or contactless lock is possible; the shallow depth of the cabinet will save space for narrow and long rooms; phosphating and powder coating protects the metal from corrosion; the doors do not become loose with regular use thanks to the hinges. Options for locks for cell cabinets Built-in lock (basic configuration) Rotary handle for a padlock Rotary combination lock for 3 combinations Rotary combination lock for 4 combinations with a master key Electronic touch lock Electronic touch lock with the ability to use a plastic card The design of storage chambers consists of cells with transparent doors. They are locked using a lock with a personal key. The cabinets do not have external hinges, which protects them from burglary. Pre-treatment increases resistance to corrosion, temperature changes and high humidity. To clean the chambers from contamination, you can use detergents. The SHO-400/2-8A cell cabinet has optimal dimensions, so it uses space efficiently. To save space, several cabinets can be placed closely together. Additional equipment for cabinets: legs; base; sloping roof; retractable bench; stationary bench. With an angular roof On legs On a plinth Towel holder The manufacturer uses imported locks (Euro-locks (Germany)/Emka (France), which securely lock the doors. This limits unwanted access, because there is a separate lock for each lock. UHL-MASH offers a cabinet with acrylic doors SHO-400/2-8A with delivery throughout Ukraine. All products have a guarantee from the manufacturer, because the products undergo strict quality control. Contact the manager to get answers to pressing questions.You can profitably order storage lockers ШО-400/2-8А from us.
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Brand 1563|1559|1557
Depth (mm) 500
Height (mm) 1800
Item type 1740
Manufacturer 2129
Manufacturer 2129
Model ШО-400/2-8А
Number of cells (pcs.) 8
Pack Type 1776
Package dimensions, mm 1820
Product color 1582
Weight, kg 49,45
Width (mm) 800
Вага, кг 49,45
Вид товара при отгрузке 2162
Вид товару при відвантаженні 2162
Висота (мм) 1800
Габарити упаковки, мм 1820
Глибина (мм) 500
Кількість виборців 13
Кількість секцій (шт.) 1726
Кількість чарунок (шт.) 8
Колір виробу 1582
Количество проголосовавших 13
Количество секций (шт.) 1726
Рейтинг 4.01
Сума оцінок 61
Сумма оценок 61
Тип товару 1740
Ширина секції (мм) 1690
Ширина секции (мм) 1690

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