ATLANT 3200-24

ATLANT 3200-24

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• The sprayer ATLAS 3200 has a high level of reliability. It is

able to ensure high performance and prolonged protective

treatment of crops that is especially important in households

with large crop areas. The sprayer is equipped with a large

tank for a working liquid (3200 liters). Therefore, its chassis is

made of high-lasting. The design of the hydraulic boom

sprayer is a bulk farm. Its length can be 18, 22, 24 or 27m.

• Spraying boom is held in a horizontal position even in

the event of collision with the unevenness on the field. The

stability of its provisions provides a mechanism with

pendulum action principle and hydro-mechanical system,

damping vertical vibrations.

• Optionally, the sprayer can be equipped with a droplet

air assisted system TWIN with the adjustable speed of

turbine from the cab, improves the quality of treatment and

allows to work in windy weather without the risk of

demolition of the preparations by the wind at the optimum

time of yreatment.


Boom, m 18, 22, 24, 27

Tank capacity, l 3200

Pump (Annovi Reverberi), l/min 250

Dimension-type of tyres 13,6R48

Track width, mm 1800 – 2250 (stepless change)

Clearance, mm 700

Working height of the boom, m 0.5-2.3

Weasler cardan shaft Т4

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